Anteo. Since 1969

Anteo was founded in 1969 with the aim of producing custom hydraulic cylinders designed and manufactured to customer specifications.

In 1992 came the turning point: Anteo launched a new range of lift gates for road goods transport.
Combining over 20 years of experience in the hydraulic sector, the latest technology, a constant commitment to research and quality improvement and effective business strategies has led Anteo to global success.

Today Anteo is a symbol of prestige, strength, excellence, technology and reliability across the globe.


We want ever lighter lift gate

To reduce the weight of a lift gates means to save on fuel consumption, to increase load capacity and to optimize truck operation.
We at Anteo use high-strength steel with the best performance in terms of weight and rigidity in order to significantly reduce the total weight of the equipment while ensuring greater robustness and a excellent physical-mechanical response to stress.


We want ever more safety

Operator safety while using the lift gate is at the centre of our research. In recent years we have developed new more effective protection guards that are installable also on retractable lift gate, new sensors to ensure the monitoring of the correct position of the lift gate when the vehicle is in motion on the road, new more efficient and sensitive micro-switches that block the rotation of the platform until it is close to the ground and much, much more…